Forward Focus Concierge Medicine Patient Testimonials


"I have been a patient of Dr. Berliant for almost 20 years. She is caring, compassionate, and professional. Most of all, she is ethical, has integrity, and is honest and diligent when recommending treatment and solutions. She has always provided outstanding medical care with terrific follow-up. " - Susan Schloss

"My husband, a patient of Dr. Steven Lasin's, was confronted with a medical emergency. Dr. Lasin was there for both of us providing his medical expertise as well as his psychological and physical support. Now, our 2 sons and I are all patients of Dr. Lasin! Dr. Lasin's practice of medicine is what "practicing medicine" should be! " - Minde Korman

"Imagine having a great relationship with your Doctor... one where you come first, not the insurance companies, not the administrators and lawyers, not one overwhelmed by the demands of too many patients. You've just imagined Forward Focus. Forward Focus is awesome! " - Craig Purse

"I have a relationship with Dr. Schaffel and the entire staff of Forward Focus that is unequaled in my experience. Rebecca, Katie, Mel et al treat us like family. In one of our more serious discussions over the years he said, "I have your back." I firmly believe those four words, and am grateful that I have found a doctor/patient relationship of this unsurpassed quality. " - Steve Hipp

"Dr. Steve Lasin has been my Primary Care Physician for many years. I consider him a trusted, caring, sympathetic and helpful physician. He always takes my concerns very seriously and never dismisses them as unimportant. . He is an iconic member of the Northern Illinois and South Eastern Wisconsin medical community I would and have recommended him to anybody looking for quality health care. " - VP Emco Chemical

"Dr. Schaffel is a truly gifted doctor. Not only does he possess the knowledge and the skills that make him a wonderful practitioner of medicine, but Dr. Schaffel is that rare physician who makes you feel like you are his only patient. He gives the patient the comfort needed to openly discuss health issues so they can be addressed in a truly conscientious manner. " - Dan Katz, Director, Enterprise Sales

"Dr. Lasin has surpassed all of my expectations as a physician. He is always patient and caring, while also being so capable and knowledgeable. With great confidence, I have recommended him to many of my friends and family members. " - Marc Alberts

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