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Forward Focus Personalized Doctor CareIf you’re frustrated by assembly-line medicine and disappointed by brief appointments with physicians who rush you out the door, Forward Focus Concierge Medicine may be for you. At Forward Focus, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your health with an attentive, medically-sophisticated physician who takes the time to genuinely get to know you. With a limited practice size, our doctors are able to spend more time on your health care and to interact with other physicians on your behalf, while staying up-to-date on the latest medical research.


Personalized Health Care Diagnosis from Forward FocusOur doctors each provide the highest quality personalized care, identifying risks and suggesting practical lifestyle changes that can have a direct impact on your health. When more serious health issues arise, they serve as your medical ‘quarterback’, reviewing results and diagnoses, coordinating care with specialists, and visiting you in the hospital.


Exceptional Service from Forward FocusYou’ll immediately feel welcomed in our expansive office suite, where calls are answered by a trusted member of our team who knows your name and responds immediately to your concerns. You’ll be given your physician’s private cell phone number and personal email address for use after-hours. Our doctors limit the size of their practice so that we can build meaningful relationships with each patient and provide the level of care and attention you deserve.


Proactive Health Techniques from Forward FocusDeveloping a customized, proactive health plan for our patients is a critical element of our practice. Our concierge physicians are board certified in internal medicine and their expertise in prevention translates into a skill for uncovering risk factors that can impact the potential for disease. With a focus on preventing illness, we become a trusted partner in helping you achieve your own personal health goals. Our convenient, on-site wellness partners provide complementary services that can contribute to your overall good health.


If or when your illness requires hospitalization, our doctors will visit you at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital or Highland Park Hospital, consulting with specialists and nursing staff to advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the care you deserve. They are able to meet most patients in the emergency room during critical situations. If you are hospitalized at another institution, your physician will consult with specialists by phone and advocate for the highest quality, coordinated care for you.

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