Blog: Why- Why- Why join us at the Forward Focus EVOLVE: Weight Managment Program Information Session April 13??

A Lifestyle Change

 Dr. Gary Schaffel has been my personal physician for many years. Every year I arrive at his office for my annual physical and every year he asks me the same question:

"What did you have for dinner last night?" Every year I give him the same response: "A frozen pizza and two Coors Lights." And he replies: "We really need to change that."

Well, we finally did. I joined the EVOLVE Weight Management Program at Forward Focus Concierge Medicine. It worked! I lost 25 pounds in six months.

Using a comprehensive approach, the professional staff at EVOLVE developed a program of diet and exercise that was tailored to my specific needs. 

The weekly meetings were lively and informative. The members of the group were very supportive and non-judgmental. We all became friends.

 I strongly encourage you to give it a try. I feel better and I look better. You can too!

 Pat C.

February 2023