Event: "To Treat Or Not To Treat" Webinar

Is this allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis.....or is it a cold?
When should I call the doctor and what can he/she do to help me?

The Common Cold is the most common illness of the industrialized world and causes significant suffering. You're coughing, sneezing, not sleeping, achey, have a sore throat and you want it to go away quickly! Learn how to prevent the cold, identify the most annoying symptoms, pick the best possible treatments, and identify the warning signs, for more serious infections.

Join Dr. Gary Schaffel on Wednesday, July 8th at 4pm via Zoom for the FFWC July Challenge of the month, "To Treat or Not to Treat, that is the Question". Contact the Center at 847-235-2749 or ffwellnesscenter@outlook.com to register.

Dr. Gary Schaffel Zoom Event