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Forward Focus EVOLVE:  Weight Managment Program Testimonial


EVOLVE Thoughts

You might be considering joining the EVOLVE Weight Management Program, as I did one year ago.  I wondered what it would be like, what would I have to do, and would I actually lose weight?  Like many people, I had tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Keto and just about every other program out there, and any weight that I did lose, I gained back.  Then I tried implementing several of these plans together.   My results were frustratingly predictable.  I was so confused about what to eat, what not to eat, I really felt lost in a sea of food choices and I needed a course correction.

Thank goodness the EVOLVE program presented itself when it did, the timing was perfect.  I felt ready to end the confusion about what to eat,  ready to move past the covid fog of consumption…ready to stop wearing garments with elastic waistbands and get back to wearing some clothes that used to fit.  The constant dread of what am I going to wear to whatever event was happening really cast a pall over my day to day living.

Here at Forward Focus this team of professionals did some serious planning to make the program interesting, educational, and sustainable.  I was impressed with what each team leader brought to the table: Nutrition headed up by Sheryl, fitness and activity headed up by physical therapist/consultant Brett, and the medical/nursing issues handled by Kristie.  Their coordinated approach starts with an assessment of where each participant is at the beginning, assessing our progress at the midterm, and a comprehensive assessment at a the end of the program offers a half year timeline of our progress.

An important caveat with this program: this is not a diet.  There are no meal plans, no set foods you have to eat, no starvation dieting.  This definitely requires work, and a commitment to the program.  You’ll only get out of it as much as you put into it.  The plan you create for yourself with their help teaches us which foods are healthier choices and why.  I basically relearned how to eat balanced meals that promote good health.  They provide us with tools we can use today, tools that help us navigate to food choices that make sense.

If you’re ready to make an adjustment to how you feel and look, I highly recommend this very supportive program. 

Jeff M.

February 2023