News: Living Better During COVID - Activity Guide Part One - Brain Teasers

Bored, going stir crazy, cabin fever, struggling to not gain those extra pounds while staying safe at home?  Well, we have some tips for you.  We have created a Four-Part Series to help you get through these challenging times that allows you to have some fun too!  We are kicking off our Series with…..


The brain is neuroplastic, meaning it has the ability to shift and change over time. Many people believe our brains age as we do, growing less powerful, less capable, less competent over time.

What most don’t realize, however, is that you have the ability to manipulate your brain the way a sculptor molds clay.

The brain is susceptible to all we expose it to—people, music, work—even the physical environments we traverse on a day to day basis. Everything we partake in has the potential to subtly shift the wiring of our brain.

The question is: how do we wire our brains for the better?

That’s where brain puzzles and teasers come in. We can enhance our mental fitness by exposing the brain to puzzles that challenge our normal modes of thinking.

Ever heard of the phrase “use it or lose it?” That’s quite literally true when it comes to the way our brains age. When we don’t actively seek novel experiences that expose our minds to all sorts of new and challenging stimuli, our neuroreceptors die off from disuse.

Brain teasers can help keep the mind stimulated by encouraging it to think and act in new and novel ways. Lateral thinking keeps us feeling fresh, creative, on our toes, so to speak, when tackling new problems. And we aren’t often given the opportunity to exercise lateral thinking in our day to day lives.

Brain games, teasers, and brain riddles offer that opportunity.

So, the next time you attempt to solve a riddle, remember that while it’s all in good fun, you’re also strengthening your brain!

Below are some links that will take you to some fun Brain Games