Blog: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I have been asked numerous times over the past few months, by colleagues, patients, family members and friends, why I decided to join Forward Focus Concierge Medicine (FFCM).  After many years of practicing medicine in a few different places, I realized that I belong in this pretty, warm, Marcus Welby atmosphere of medical practice. 

Over the years, in the ever-changing climate of medical care, I have learned a great deal from working in a few different medical models.  In these unprecedented and trying times of a pandemic, I believe I have landed in a place that allows me to better care for patients creatively and thoroughly, with a focus on wellness and care of the whole patient with an incredible team of medical professionals.  This summer I have had time to reflect and I realize that concierge medicine will be the pinnacle of my career, as it has always been my goal, since medical school, to take superb care of patients in this type of setting. 

I spent the summer integrating into this well managed practice where I will not only be able to see outpatients, but also hospitalized patients, which is when patients need their doctor to advocate for them most, especially in the age of COVID-19.  I will coordinate care with easier ways to communicate with patients in a more personalized approach. 

Besides joining Forward Focus Concierge Medicine this summer, I was lucky to be quarantined with my two wonderful adult children and my two cute labradoodles, all of whom have taught me a great deal about love, compassion, and empathy.  We adopted five-year-old Blondie, a former breeding dog, during quarantine and she is as sweet as sugar.  I feel blessed to have an incredible family, friends, and colleagues.

Now that summer is winding down (sadly), I am very much looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with FFCM and I am humbled by the privilege to be a part of it.  

By Sharon Berliant, MD