Event: God only Nose! Its Impact On Daily Health Webinar

Alan Freint, MD, with elemENT Med Spa, will be returning as a presenter to the Forward Focus Wellness Center  2021 Series on Prevention & Wellness.  Dr. Freint will be the presenter at our April 14 Webinar.

The title is: “God only NoseIts Impact on Daily Health”.  Dr. Freint’s patients are always asking:  What does it mean when there is color to my mucus?  Why is my nose always running/draining when I eat?  Is there a defect within the nose that causes my significant other to snore?  What do you recommend I take or do to alleviate the feeling of nasal congestion other than antibiotics?  These are just some topics specific to the nose that are ripe for picking

Dr. Freint looks forward to seeing you on Zoom at this complimentary wellness program on April 14th at 5:30pm Central Time.  You can register by emailing Marti at ffwellnesscenter@outlook.com. We will send a Zoom link on Wednesday, April 14th to all those who have registered in advance.

The Forward Focus Wellness Center is a unique collaboration in medical care housed in the Forward Focus Concierge Medicine suite in Lake Forest, IL.  The Wellness Center offers highly trained health care professionals, like Dr. Freint,  from diverse disciplines.  These affiliated independent practices are here and ready to help you enhance your healthy lifestyle.