Blog: Finding Happiness and Beauty in Hard Times

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy - Anne Frank

There are plenty of reasons to feel despair, anxiety, and fear about what's happening in our world, with senseless mass shootings, rioting, widespread destruction from COVID, and our current political climate.   We need inspirations in these troubled times.  Whatever fears and uncertainty we face, we can choose to bring some beauty, happiness, and calmness into the world. As rough as these times are, they are also filled with life and possibility.  There is still love here.  We can still find peace.  

Over the past year I did a lot of soul searching.  My 2020 experience was like an X-ray that revealed everything that I needed to work on, and it showed me everything that was important to me.  I was able to discover what my most important values in life are forging into 2021.  At the end of March 2020, COVID hit. Nothing like this ever happened in our generation.  Suddenly we were all confined to our homes, isolated from extended families and friends, and had to wear masks.  Toilet paper was one of the hottest commodities and trying to find it was like searching for gold in a gold mine.  This was a huge adjustment for so many of us.  I struggled to make sense of this" New Norm."

Instead of going down the road of despair I chose Hope and found ways to bring peace and beauty into my world during COVID.  I decided that this will be my "new norm for me and my family."   I had a plan in place, and I was hoping to see the world in a crystal clear 2020 vision.  

Bringing beauty into the world doesn't have to be grand or complicated as everything around us was complicated enough.  For me, to be able to go outside and take a fresh breath of the cool crisp air without a mask on (in my backyard) brought me happiness.  The beauty in the many days of sunlight we have been experiencing, brought endless smiles and happiness to my life.    February 1 I started sticking a heart on my children's bedroom door with a reason of why I love them and appreciate them.   I will do this for 14 days+ extra 12 days, as my daughter will be celebrating her birthday on the 26th day.    When I make grocery runs, I buy a bouquet of flowers and put them in each room.    I take time to smell the flowers.  Through small simple actions we can make our world more beautiful!  

So, I invite you to plan at least two actions today that will bring happiness and beauty into your world.  Find ways to brighten the world for yourself and others. 

 By Maggie Chung, RN

February 15, 2021