News: Dr. Sharon Berliant - Did You Know?


We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Berliant to learn a bit more about Dr. Berliant, the person.  This is what we found out……

 1. What are some aspects of the Forward Focus Concierge Medical practice that have stood out to you during your first four weeks on the job?

 The competence and sweetness of the staff.  The high level of medical care delivered by the doctors.  The opportunity to spend as much time as needed to care for patients.

 2. Which travel destinations have been your favorites and why?

Hawaii because of the beautiful landscape, perfect beaches, and the weather.

Israel because of the rich culture and deep history. 

3. What are some of the hobbies you enjoy and why?

Walking my dog because it is relaxing, and I get to meet people along the way.

Gardening because it is very meditative.

4. Who has been your favorite pet and why?

Niki, my labradoodle, is my favorite because I have known her for 13 years.  She is sweet, compassionate and a great walking partner.