Event: "A Cholesterol Free-For-All" Webinar

Welcome to the 2021 Forward Focus Wellness Center Educational Series.  We are delighted to be launching Year 2 of our Series on Prevention & Wellness.  Our very own Dr. Gary Schaffel will be kicking off the Series on January 13.  The title for our January topic is “A Cholesterol Free-For-All”.

For the past 35 years, high cholesterol has been the cornerstone of cardiovascular prevention.  A normal cholesterol level at your yearly physical has become synonymous with overall good health.  How important is a normal cholesterol level to your overall health?  Dr. Schaffel will review the current scientific literature on what your cholesterol means to your health, ways to lower cholesterol, and at what levels cholesterol medication should be considered.

Dr. Schaffel looks forward to seeing you on Zoom at this complimentary and interactive wellness program on January 13 at 5:30pm.  You can register by emailing Marti at ffwellnesscenter@outlook.com or calling the Forward Focus Wellness Center number at 847-235-2749.  We will send a Zoom link to all those who have registered, a couple of days prior to the program.

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