News: American Heart Month - February 2023

American Heart Month -  February 2023

TIPS for a Healthy Heart


Healthy for Good – Healthy for Good is a healthy living movement to inspire lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time.  The approach is simple.

Eat Smart.

Move More.

Be Well.

Eat Smart: Healthy eating & cooking start with smart food choices.  Learn what to look for at the grocery store, in restaurants, at your work place and on any eating occasion. Make healthy delicious choices.

Move More: Let’s stick with it!  You’ll build more opportunities to be active into your routine when you find ways to move that you like.  Move more and sit less every day.

Be Well: Eating right & being active top the to-do list.  True health also includes getting good sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind & body fit and connecting socially.  Create well-being through self-care.


Amercian Heart Association February 2023