Forward Care

Are you frustrated by the assembly-line approach to medicine offered by your current physician?  Do you feel like your doctor never has enough time to listen to your concerns? Are you wasting your precious time sitting in waiting rooms for a brief 12-minute appointment?    

At Forward Focus Concierge Medicine, Dr. Schaffel and Dr. Lasin provide you with plenty of time to discuss all of your medical concerns, and focus on getting to know you as a unique individual.   Through an annual comprehensive physical, each doctor partners with you to identify risks and opportunities for change that can have a direct impact on your health.  When medical issues arise, the close relationship you have enables your doctor to provide the highest level of care and advocate on your behalf with specialists.  Appointments are typically scheduled within 24 hours, and all emergent issues are responded to immediately.


Forward Service

Upon calling our office, you will speak to a trusted member of the Forward Focus Concierge Medicine team who knows your name and responds immediately to your concerns. If you need to reach Dr. Schaffel or Dr. Lasin after office hours, you can contact your physician directly via his private cell phone number or personal email address for access around the clock.    

Dr. Schaffel and Dr. Lasin limit the size of their practices so that the Forward Focus team can build a meaningful relationship with each patient and provide the level of care and attention you deserve. 

Further, our physicians value the importance of providing patients with unlimited on-line access to their personal medical records. Members can log into a secure website portal to view their own detailed electronic records from anywhere in the world. Jump drives are also available if you prefer to carry the information with you.  




Developing a customized, proactive health plan for our patients is a critical element of our practice. Both of our concierge physicians are board certified in internal medicine and stay up-to-date on the latest medical research.  Their expertise in prevention translates into a skill for uncovering risk factors that can impact the potential for cardiac disease and stroke.  They work with you to suggest lifestyle changes that can be implemented in your day-to-day life, taking the time to understand your unique circumstances.  With a focus on preventing illness, we become a trusted partner in helping you achieve your own personal health goals.