Annual Physical from Forward Focus

Comprehensive Annual Physical Examination

Annual Exam

The annual medical examination is the cornerstone of our successful physician-patient relationship. You will be reminded by our staff to schedule the exam each year. This meeting provides Dr. Schaffel, Dr. Lasin, Dr. Berliant, and Dr. Katz with the quality time required to identify health issues early and prevent conditions from deteriorating into significant problems. It also establishes the personal relationship required to enable your physician to become more valuable to you in times of need.

Comprehensive Approach

An extended, 60-minute wellness examination is conducted yearly by your doctor to review all aspects of your health. After a thorough physical examination, we discuss any current medical and, as appropriate, psychological or social issues in your life that may be impacting your health. 

Labs and Supplemental Tests

A series of screening laboratories tests are conducted in our office prior to your annual exam. Your physician will discuss these results, along with any relevant supplemental test results, and identify potential signs and symptoms that might indicate early warning of disease. The meeting concludes with a summary of your key health issues and recommendations for lifestyle modifications that can result in improved health outcomes. 

Convenient Scheduling

All tests and procedures will be scheduled prior to your extended office appointment, so that results will be available for discussion.


Standard laboratory testing costs will be included in your annual membership fee, and fees for additional labs and x-rays, as medically indicated, will likely be covered by your insurance.